Assistant Majority Leader, District 29


Committees: Ethics (Chair), Commerce (Vice Chair), Appropriations, International Relations, Legislative Council, State Government, Transportation

Subcommittee: Economic Development Appropriations (Chair)

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Through her work at the Eastern Iowa Tourism Association and the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau, Senator Carrie Koelker has over two decades of experience strengthening communities in Eastern Iowa. Senator Koelker takes pride in promoting Iowa’s people and places, whether it is small town hospitality or big city excitement. That experience in economic development provides her with the knowledge and experience to benefit economic development efforts in rural Iowa.

Senator Koelker is a lifelong Iowan and a mother of four. She is deeply engaged with her community, serving on the board of the Dyersville Area Community Foundation, the Iowa Tourism Industry Partners, Enhance Iowa, Greater Dubuque Economic Development, Iowa Finance Authority, Midwest Higher Education Compact, and the Beckman High School Booster Club.