Senator Dix: Senate Democrats fail to fully address transparency

DES MOINES – Senate Democrats spent all April talking about the importance of state government being fully transparent, but when it came time to govern today their actions revealed a different story, Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix said.

“This bill fails to require full transparency. There is one glaring omission.  It fails to disclose reasons for the termination of state employees,” said Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock. “Iowa taxpayers shoulder the whole bill for government and they deserve the whole story.

“Senate Republicans offered to collaborate in a bipartisan manner to create legislation to provide transparency and protect all Iowa workers. Senate Republicans asked repeatedly to work with Senate Democrats to reach consensus to fix to a problem we both agree exists. However, Democrats set their sights on serving their union bosses instead of their real bosses, the Iowa taxpayers.”

Governing is not about words; it is about actions, Dix said.

“The Iowa House acted swiftly and demonstrated a commitment to true transparency by passing bipartisan legislation that was never called up in the Iowa Senate,” Dix said. “Senate Republicans were committed to creating true transparency and shedding light on what happens in state government. Unfortunately, Iowans had the lights turned out on them today with this bill passed by Senate Democrats.”