This week Americans celebrated Labor Day. The holiday was established to celebrate the achievements of American workers and observe the progress made by generations of Americans to create a vibrant economy. Labor Day allows Iowans the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor: A day on the lake with family, a cookout with the neighbors, or trip to a nearby attraction with friends.

Iowans must have jobs to provide the resources to enjoy those activities. This year in the Iowa Senate one of my primary objectives was to expand career opportunities for Iowans. We accomplished that goal by implementing a series of pro-growth reforms. Those reforms created more opportunities for Iowans, lowered the regulatory burden, and reduced costs for job creators.

As Senate Republicans continue to move our agenda forward, one of the principle goals will be to increase the reward Iowans receive for their work. Productivity, investment, and hard work create growth. Tax reform will allow Iowans to keep more of what they earn and invest. It will encourage them to work more and invest more. That increased work and investment leads to more career opportunities for more Iowans and the growth our state needs to provide for excellent education, safe roads, good communities, and many more years of Labor Day celebrations.

Let’s make it happen!