Love Blossoms in the Iowa Senate

Making the decision to run for public office requires the support of loved ones. Three Senate Republicans get to work closely with their spouse on a daily basis to fight for every hard-working family in Iowa.

Brad and Dede Zaun


Dede and Brad have been married for eight years.

“He proposed to me on Halloween,” Dede said. “He rented a horse, dressed up like a knight and came galloping up to my house.

“I didn’t know what he was doing, so I said, ‘This is the greatest Halloween costume ever!’ and then he got down on one knee and proposed.”

Dede enjoys experiencing everything at the Capitol with her husband and all the work involved.

“Session usually takes us away from our families a lot, but we get to experience it together,” Brad said. “She helps me very much and makes me look good. I don’t call her my clerk – we work together.”

Dennis and Margaret Guth


Margaret and Dennis met in high school through church and have been married since 1978.

Margaret says this is the first real chance they have had to work together since she was a “city girl and he farms.”

“I have a great appreciation for what happens at the Capitol,” Margaret said.

“She provides tremendous encouragement,” Dennis said. “She knows me better than anyone. There is no one better to sit beside me, ask their opinion and represent me here.

“I think being here together helps build unity in our marriage, because she’s here experiencing it all with me.”

Julian and Nancy Garrett


Nancy and Julian have been married for eight years.

“I may be the only legislator with a lawyer for a clerk,” Julian said. “She helps me with researching bills along with all the day-to-day activities.”

“I enjoy working here and having the opportunity to see what Julian does every day, how good he is at it, how well he represents his constituents and how hard the job really is,” Nancy said. “I already admired and respected him. Working with him here really increases my respect and high regard for his abilities.”

Senate Republicans announce ranking members for upcoming session

Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, announced today the Senate Republicans who will serve as standing committee ranking members for the 2015 Legislative session.

Agriculture: Dan Zumbach, Ryan.
Appropriations: Jake Chapman, Adel.
Commerce: Bill Anderson, Pierson.
Economic Growth: Mark Chelgren, Ottumwa.
Education: Amy Sinclair, Allerton.
Ethics: Jason Schultz, Schleswig.
Government Oversight: Julian Garrett, Indianola.
Human Resources: David Johnson, Ocheyedan.
Judiciary: Charles Schneider, West Des Moines.
Labor & Business Relations: Tom Shipley, Nodaway.
Local Government: Roby Smith, Davenport.
Natural Resources & Environment: Ken Rozenboom, Oskaloosa.
Rules & Administration: Bill Dix, Shell Rock.
State Government: Rick Bertrand, Sioux City.
Transportation: Tim Kapucian, Keystone.
Veterans Affairs: Mark Segebart, Vail.
Ways & Means: Randy Feenstra, Hull.

Appropriations ranking members for the upcoming Legislative session are:

Administration & Regulation: Dan Zumbach, Ryan.
Agriculture & Natural Resources: Ken Rozenboom, Oskaloosa.
Economic Development: Charles Schneider, West Des Moines.
Education: Tim Kraayenbrink, Fort Dodge.
Health & Human Services: Mark Segebart, Vail.
Justice Systems: Julian Garrett, Indianola.
Transportation: Tim Kapucian, Keystone.

Senator Anderson named a Hometown Hero

State Senator Bill Anderson, R-Pierson, was honored Friday as a Hometown Hero by the Autism Society of Iowa.


The Autism Society of Iowa honors Iowa legislators each year with the Hometown Hero Award. Senator Anderson was a recipient this year of the Hometown Hero designation. The Autism Society of Iowa said Senator Anderson has “gone above and beyond to improve the lives of those with autism spectrum disorders.”

“I am honored to be named a Hometown Hero by the Autism Society of Iowa,” Senator Anderson said. “It is important to work diligently to help improve the lives of every Iowan, and even harder for those who need us the most.”

Senate Page program is taking applications

Each fall the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency searches for Iowa high school juniors and seniors for its Legislative Page Program.  This year applications for Iowa Senate pages are being accepted through October 3.  The program is an opportunity for young men and women to play an active role in government.  This year pages will begin work on January 12, 2015, and work throughout the legislative session, which should end near the middle of May 2015.

Pages have the option of serving a full or half semester in the winter, during the legislative session working at the Capitol.  They are treated as employees, receive a stipend and complete a variety of tasks.  The pages work with legislators by delivering bills and helping legislators do daily tasks.   The work of a page is essential to helping the political process run smoothly.  Senators get to know the pages and understand the program is a great way for students to experience government first-hand.

Interested youth from across the state are encouraged to apply for the program for the 2015 Legislative Session.  The application deadline is right around the corner and those interested in becoming a page should discuss this with their high school guidance counselor and families.

For more information and to view the application for the Legislative Page Program, visit Once interested applicants have downloaded the application package, they should complete the personal information form, provide a written statement on why they want to become a page and submit letters of recommendations from nonrelatives.  The rest of the application package includes a form signed by a principal, counselor or superintendent as well as a letter of recommendation from the principal, counselor or superintendent.

Completed page application packages must be returned to the Secretary of the Senate’s office, Iowa Senate, Statehouse, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. For more information, call 515-281-5307. Interviews will be held October 20-24.

Senator Segebart: Iowa Sales Tax Holiday nears

With summer vacation winding down, parents are thinking about sending their children back to school. The state of Iowa wants to help them get ready. This year Iowa’s annual sales tax holiday is scheduled for Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2.  The holiday removes the sales tax on a variety of back to school items such as clothes and footwear. The sale starts at 12:01 a.m., August 1 and runs through midnight, August 2.

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Senator Dix: Iowa Supreme Court failed the people of Iowa

DES MOINES – Senator Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, said this morning he is disappointed the Iowa Supreme Court gave people seeking a political office the green light to lie and mislead Iowans in campaign advertisements.

“The lower courts understood there should be consequences for intentionally lying and misleading Iowans in an effort to tarnish someone’s reputation,” Senator Dix said. “Today, the Iowa Supreme Court failed the process and the people of Iowa. Iowans deserve better.

“With the Iowa Supreme Court failing to hold people accountable for spreading blatant misinformation and distorted facts, it has disregarded what Iowans hate most about politics – promoting fiction over the facts and making slander and libel an acceptable practice.

“The high court’s decision is disheartening. It allows Democrats to carry on with their old tricks of lying and misleading Iowans for political gain. Iowans may want to brace themselves this year for what I predict could be one of the most brutal, disingenuous, slanderous campaign attacks in our state’s political history.”